2024-25 Market and Premium Rates of Interest
The 2024-25 Market and Premium rates of interest have been published and take effect on 1 July 2024. Please refer to the SRO website Rates of Interest page for details.
Published: 27/06/2024
Foreign person duty calculator

The information provided by this calculator is a guide only and cannot be construed as an assessment by the SRO.

An assessment notice that indicates the dutiable value and duty payable will only be issued once the appropriate, fully executed documentation has been lodged with the SRO for assessment.

Refer to the "Evidence of Value" ruling on the SRO website prior to lodging documents with the SRO for more information regarding how the dutiable value of dutiable property is determined.
Rates of Foreign person duty prior to 1 Apr 2020
Residential Property 3.0%
Primary Production Property 0.5%
Rates of Foreign person duty from 1 Apr 2020
Residential Property 8.0%
Primary Production Property 1.5%