Principal Residence Land (PRL)

Use ONLY for PRL for the whole property. For part property PRL, email or ph (03) 6166 4400.


Change of Contact Details - for Land Tax only

Use to amend your land tax account contact details.
For Insurance and Property Transfer Duties, Payroll Tax and Point of Consumption Tax, use the change of account details options in your TRO account.


Notification of Change in Land Use

Use this form to notify the SRO when a property ceases to be principal residence land, primary production land or exempt land. Use ONLY for of a change in land use for the whole property. For part property, email or ph (03) 6166 4400.


Debt Payment Arrangement

Use ONLY for applying to pay debt by instalments for Land Tax or a FHOG recall.
For Duties, Payroll Tax, and Insurance Duty debt, use the account-specific option shown in your TRO account.


HomeBuilder Grant Payment

Use to apply for payment of the Commonwealth and Tasmanian HomeBuilder Grants
- ONLY where you have already received conditional approval.


Nationality and Land Use for Foreign Investor Surcharges

Notify of, or provide an update for, your nationality and/or the lawful use of the land.