Nationality and Land Use for Foreign Investor Surcharges

Foreign investors who own property in Tasmania

Read the Foreign Investor Duty Surcharge fact sheet and the Foreign Investor Land Tax Surcharge fact sheet for more information.

Important: To help you calculate a part percentage (where necessary) for:

  • multiple-purpose properties (eg house and shop)
  • multiple-title properties (eg where one property has two or more Volume/Folio numbers)
refer to the relevant section in the Foreign investor land tax guideline before completing this form.

Can I save my partially completed application and finish it later?

The online application will typically take 10 or so minutes to complete. The form cannot be saved, closed and returned to at a later time. However, if you keep a partially completed form open on-screen, you can come back to finish it anytime later in the same session.

Information you will need to complete this form

Update or Change Nationality
Change of land use

Do NOT use this form to change your land tax contact details, or to apply for the Principal Residence Land or Primary Production Land classifications. Instead, select the link for the form you require.

Contacting the State Revenue Office

Telephone: (03) 6166 4400, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

The account details


Your nationality
Land Use
PLEASE READ before completing this section
The list below shows the property you own (or owned) as at your nationality start date, and the residential capability.

Updating the residential capability
Where the residential capability of a property is unknown or it has changed, please tell us by using the ‘Change’ button.

Bank Details